Monday, April 2, 2007

Let's Grind some Sausage!

Now get out the meat grinder and set it up. Load the casing onto the stuffer tube. You may want to put a bit of vegetable or olive cooking oil on the tube to make loading the casing easier. Usually if the tube is wet, the casing will load up easily.

Tie off the end of the casing with a simple knot.

Here is where you are going to save the most precious Life Time over the methods that most other sausage makers advocate. My personal preference for linked sausage is a very coarsely ground meat. I really don’t like the finely ground meats that you get from multiple passes thru the grinder. So, I don’t advocate making an initial grind, and then go back and grind and stuff on a second pass. My preferred way is to grind and stuff in the case in a single pass. I also choose to use my grinder’s coarsest grind plate, but you may find that you prefer to use a smaller hole size. You will find your preference after a few batches. I also twist the links as they are filled from the stuffer. Twist in alternating directions for each link. At the end of your casing, tie another simple knot.

When you have your sausage stuffed into casings, you can either leave them connected or snip them apart. It's a matter of how you plan to use and store your sausage links. You may want to hang them in a smoker, so you would not want to separate them at this point.

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