Monday, April 2, 2007

Package for the Freezer

I like to package and freeze the links as a fresh product. I usually grill them on my charcoal grill, so they get plenty of smoke at that time.

For my family usage, packing 6 links per freezer package is just right. I load the links into the Food Saver Bags, vacuum and seal them. Be sure to mark by meat, spice type, and most importantly the date you made them. I have no idea how long they will keep in the freezer packaged this way, as we use them up on a pretty regular basis. You can follow directions in the Food Saver user manual for good results.
If you have concerns about freezing the sausages that you may have made from previously frozen meat, review what the USDA says about re-freezing meats.

Please use your own judgment about freezing your sausages.
If in doubt, fully cook them before you package and freeze them.

-=- Jerry -=-

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